What Is the best cut of steak?

A great steak starts with a great cut of meat, quality really does count when it comes to
steak, that’s why at the Forge we have searched high and low for the best supplier of locally
sourced meat. Owen Taylor and sons is an award-winning butcher known for their quality meats and once you taste one of their succulent pieces of steak you will understand why. That’s why we use them exclusively for the Forge steakhouse.

There are more than a few types of steak and ultimately we are all individuals and will all have our own favorite. The way the steak is cooked and served will also have an effect, so although it starts with a great cut of meat it doesn’t end there.

Here are the Forge Derby’s list of top 7 cuts of steak:

1. Chateaubriand

Char Grilled Prime Dry Aged 'chateaubriand' + Sauce + 2 Sides + 2 Glasses  Of Prosecco £90 For 2 - Boisdale of Canary Wharf
image via Biosdale

Widely considered as one of the most tender steaks available and traditionally you would have, the Chateaubriand steak to share, making it a great choice for a romantic evening. The
Chateaubriand is cut from the tenderloin, this muscle that gets very little exercise, so
because the muscle is inactive it prevents it from growing too tough through repetitive

2. Filet of beef

Cut from the same area of the animal as the chateaubriand , the filet has long been thought
of as the king of all steaks, tender, succulent and supremely lean.the filet doesn’t have any
intramuscular fat or marbling, a pure piece of meat that is delicious and can be paired with

3. Rib-Eye

It’s the ribeye fat content that provides the perfect flavor and texture combination of this
incredibly tasty cut of beef. The rib-eye is a favorite of steak lovers worldwide. Cut from the
prime rib area of the animal it is juicy and tender and oh so good.

4. Flat Iron

The Flat iron steak also known as a top blade steak comes from the shoulder of the cow
(called the chuck) and is nicely marbled with lots of flavor. It is almost as tender as a
tenderloin and is a good choice for a more cost effective alternative. Enjoy with our triple
cooked chips and giant onion rings.

5. Sirloin

The sirloin has incredible, rich flavors that you won’t find in other steaks, not as tender as a
filet or tenderloin as it comes from an area with a lot of muscular activity, the sirloin cut
comes from close to the rear of the animal, right underneath the tenderloin.This is a steak
that is a favorite of many due to its mouth watering taste.

6. Rump steak

A rump steak cooking on a heated lava stone at the forge derby steakhouse in derby
A Rump Steak on the tone being cooked here at The Forge Derby

As the name suggests the rump steak is taken from the hindquarters of the rump of the
animal. The rump steak has always been a firm favorite and will continue to be so. It’s not as
tender as say a tenderloin but the rump cut of beef is packed full of flavor.A very versatile cutof beef that can be used in many dishes, but taste great as a stand alone meal in itself,
especially when cooked on the black rock lava stone grill, like we do at the Forge.

7. Denver steak

The Denver steak is not as well known as the other cuts of beef as you don’t often find it on
the supermarket shelf, however any good steak house will have it on its menu. Denver
steaks are growing in popularity due to being packed full of beefy flavor, A fairly tender steak cut from the prime chuck,the under blade portion of the chuck roll, the chuck being the shoulder of the animal, an area that gets alot of exercise, which is why the denver steak is not as tender as most cuts, but don’t let that put you off, it’s definitely a steak you will want to try.


No matter which steak you choose it’s always going to come down to personal preference,
but as I said at the beginning of the article it’s the quality of the cut of beef and how you cookit that makes the real difference. At the Forge all our steaks are cooked on a 400 degreelava stone at your table and you get to choose how you like it. We give you the highestquality meat and you cook it to you liking with this unique, exciting experience of steak onthe stone from the blackrock grill and the Forge Derby.

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