What is the Black Rock Grill?

The Black Rock Grill dining system was developed in Great Britain in 2005 for use in restaurants. The food is cooked at a high temperature on a volcanic rock which itself has been heated to 440 degrees C/824 degrees F in a specially designed and purpose-built oven. Our designs and construction technique ensure that all our equipment is “Fit for Purpose” and certified food safe for both customers and employees. Food is delivered to the table within minutes of ordering and the food stays hot throughout the meal and it is cooked exactly how the customer likes it.

A healthier way of eating

Cooking on a Black Rock Grill is not only fun, it is a healthier way of cooking because it doesn’t use fats or oils. This is perfect for anyone who is on the Paleo diet,

There are plenty of other healthy recipes that can be cooked on the rock including vegetable kebabs, stuffed mushroom or pepper.

Health and safety tested

The health and safety of anyone who uses Black Rock Grill is a priority for us. We have ensured that all of our ovens and products are safety tested and have provided materials to help you keep our customers safe from the hot rock.

fish on the stone at the forge derby

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Blackrock grill at the forge derby

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